What drives our business is getting you one thing. Results.

We are in the business of getting our clients results. And business is good. If you’re wondering about some of the tools we use in order to do that, here is a breakdown of what we do.

Just keep one thing in mind. We take all-encompassing approach towards online marketing that combines each of these strategies into one highly focused goal. To attract ideal clients to your website and convert them into new business. But not in a sleazy way. In a way where you are looking for someone specific that you can legitimately help. In a way where you offer value upfront. In a way where you connect with your visitors on a human level.

Gone are the days where a website was little more than a culmination of pretty images. In order to attract the right clients, build rapport and convince them that you are the right solution to fulfill on their needs, there are hundreds of little things you need to have in place. All of which we keep in mind when working on your site or building a new one for you.

Contrary to what you may have heard, Search Engine Optimization is not dead. Now, the strategy that many companies use to “trick” Google into ranking their site is dead, but we don’t use any those techniques. Never have and never will. Instead, we approach SEO with a squeaky-clean strategy made to position you and your company as an expert in your industry.

Social Media is not a sales tool. It is a relationship tool. It is the digital equivalent of going to a networking event and connecting with other human beings that just happen to live online. Some of which may become new clients. Some of which may refer you to new clients. But most of which will just be your friends. Friends that will help you carry out your message and your mission if they feel connected to you.

It’s only a waste of money if you don’t get a return. And Pay-Per Click falls into that category. While we don’t agree with the strategy of throwing all of your eggs into the Pay-Per Click basket, we find it to be an incredibly powerful (and profitable) tool when combined with each of these other strategies. Of course, it’s a little more complex than that, but you get the point.

There is no denying it. Content is king. Without quality content that educates your visitors and positions your company as an expert in your industry, you won’t stand a chance at succeeding online. And if content is king then SEO, Social Media and Pay-Per Click all share the responsibilities as queen because their job is to get that message out to the buying public.

I suppose you could cross your fingers and hope that someone is going to come along and buy something, but better than that is to plan for it. We start with your ideal customers and map out a flow chart that will walk them through a process that will leave them making a decision to either do business with you or not do business with you and be happy with the way in which you brought them to that decision.