“Either write something
worth reading or do something
worth writing.”


Benjamin Franklin

“A good business book tells the
truth about an industry, a bad one
tells the truth about its author.”


–rethink authority/scribe tribe

We write business books that inspire people to take action! We believe that how you do one thing is how you do everything.

Our team has been writing and publishing professional content for over 20 years, and not just book content, we have written copy for television ads, commercials, print advertising, website copy for thousands of websites.
Content of any kind is intended to move, touch and inspire and that can be a challenge when your industry isn’t very sexy.

When it comes to the limited attention span of our fellow humans we know that if the words don’t grab them by the shirt collar and shake them just a bit we’re going to lose them and without a giant helping of different and exciting, we will be asking them to endure another full meal of the same old crap they didn’t like yesterday.

Do you have any idea how many well known brands allowed us to write the “About Us” text for their websites because they felt that we did a better job of knowing who they were and articulating it to their clients? Yes we had them at hello, we complete them but what about you? How do you know that we understand you and your brand and the tone of your voice?
Why not take us for a test drive and have us write something for you?


comes first, we start by creating a blueprint to give your book a solid structure and flow.


comes next, as your ghostwriting team we will schedule a series of initial phone interviews to capture your ideas and your unique voice and for us to get clear on your written discovery answers.


your book by chapters creates stability and allows you to see the framework and make changes and approve before we start writing.


Woo Hoo, we love this part. We will write a book for you that is clever, clean and concise. The book will be compelling and hard to put down.


It was Hemingway that coined the phrase “Writing is rewriting and at some point a project shifts from what you can add to what you can take away and we will get it right before we get it written.


Yes, we wrote The Book On this and edited it as well. We perform 3 different rounds of edits for every single book we deliver

You're in good company!