rewrite-content marketing

If you really want to grab attention you need something important to say.

We have a challenge for you. Print out the homepage of your website and take it with you to the next networking event that you attend. For the next 2 or 3 hours you are to introduce yourself to as many people as you can by reading the text from your homepage. Word for word.

Chances are that even the thought of it makes you queasy. And it’s probably because the text on your homepage is a mash of a poorly written sales pitch created to try and make Google happy.

But Google is not going to buy from you.

So, even if your site ranked number one for every keyword you could possibly want, you are not going to convert that traffic because of the message you are putting out there.

If no one would ever buy from you based on reading it to them, you can bet they won’t buy from you when they read it while sitting in the office late one night looking through a list of hundreds of potential vendors.

Your text needs to say something.

Whether it is the text throughout the pages of your site, your blog or that free e-book you are giving away. Your message is all your visitor has to hang their hat on so it had better be good.

Lucky for you, we are darn good writers. Let us take a stab at some of your content and see what a difference some quality content can make!