Sales Automation

Did you know that without increasing your traffic by a single visitor, we can significantly increase the number of sales you are making online? Just by putting in place a comprehensive sales automation process?

That means that rather than waiting 3-6 months for results like you find with most traditional search engine optimization companies, you will see near immediate results from the very beginning. In other words, our plan is to get you a return on your investment within the first month or two!

Not many companies can say that.

There are a lot of options out there and if you merely leave it up to visitors to take action you are likely leaving money on the table. So, here are some of the things we put in place in order to automate your sales process.

  • Create ideal client profiles and customer journey documents
  • Create a visual customer buying cycle flowchart
  • Creare a visual marketing automation solution flowchart
  • Configure Drip Marketing software
  • Create a free giveaway targeted toward ideal clients
  • Nurture leads through a 5-day e-mail course
  • Develop automated e-mails that get triggered by specific actions taken on the site

This process takes the place of crossing your fingers and hoping for the best or approaching your sales efforts too aggressively on the website and scaring visitors away.