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When was the last time you used the Yellow Book for something other than a booster seat
 or to impress a girl as you tried to tear it in half? I thought so. It’s completely useless.
 If you want to succeed today, you need to show up online.

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When considering your success online, our goal is not to get your website to rank in the top 10. That would be too easy. Our goal is to get your website to dominate the top 10. You see, Search Engine Optimization does not end the moment your website magically appears on the first page. You need someone to click the link. Find what they need on your site. Build trust in who you are and what you do. And take action.

And that’s our focus. Action based optimization.

That’s ultimately how you win.

Now, I don’t know what you’ve heard, but quality search engine optimization is about much more than building links or creating a bunch of content stuffed with keywords. It’s about strategy. It’s about positioning yourself. And it’s about adding value to your visitors.

While most SEO companies starts at the point of selling, we believe that they skip a vital step.

Before visitors are searching for a vendor to hire they are searching for a solution. A simple answer to a question. And they ask the smartest person they know. Google. If you can build rapport by being positioned to answer any question they have you are much more likely to be considered when it is time to make a purchase.

Our SEO strategy is one of a kind that positions you as an expert with the answers that your ideal clients are looking for. Over time, we turn your website into the largest resource of information in your industry and you can’t help but dominate.

It makes sense doesn’t it? Do you really think some Search Engine Optimization Company in New York or New Jersey has more resources than Google? Of course not. Google is constantly evolving and those that continue to try and trick the system are losing the battle.

This is the most natural way to get yourself ranked. With our strategy we not only play by the rules, we embrace them.

Pay Per Click

The key is to use Pay-Per Click ads as a way to enhance everything else you are doing. To drive your paid traffic to valuable content and a well thought out call to action. To enhance your organic ranking by buying keywords that you aren’t ranking on page one for. And buying page two for keywords that you are ranking for.

It’s all part of a bigger strategy.

If you are already investing in Pay-Per Click ads, we would be happy to look over what you are currently doing and seeing where we could trim your budget down while increasing your conversions. Or if you are already working with a Pay-Per Click partner already, we would be happy to work alongside them to make sure that their campaigns enhance everything else that you are doing online.

Would you like to know why your website isn’t converting as well as it should?

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