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Thank you to everybody at re:think for putting up with our lack of computer literacy and creating an awesome website and helping us to outrun our local competitors. Since you took over our digital marketing our leads have more than doubled and we’ve cut our google adwords budget to less than 25% of our previous spend.

Your seminar on Search Engine Optimization was GREAT! I wish I’d had it $20,000 ago!”

re:think did an amazing job not only creating my new website but taking it to market. For the first time, ideal clients are finding my website and coming directly to me.

I want to thank the entire team at re:think for all of their hard work in developing my brand and web pages and for managing my marketing and positioning me for continued success. I give you my highest recommendation to others.

re:think took over for another marketing firm and quickly we knew that we had made a great decision, we saw results immediately and we would not be happier with our relationship.

THANKS BRIANNA!!!! Site looks great .. will work to make sure we’ve got some blog entires, posts, tweets and then we’ll start spreading the word. You guys are the best! Thanks for hanging in there with us.

Just looked at the new website again and it actually makes me excited and happy to do what we do! It re-energizes me!

I just wanted to express my appreciation for your resources and patience leveraged during our website build. You may recall from one of our early conversations that previously I ran IT agencies. So, it is through that lens and the experience as your customer that I say “Brianna is fantastic”! The quality of her work, her insights, suggestions, follow-up and customer service was impeccable during the entire project. I’m sure you already realize what an asset she is to your company. Our new website has exceeded my expectations on every level and definitely reinforces our brand properly. Please also take pride in knowing that you and your team are helping people with disabilities find meaningful and sustainable employment!

Re:think is the company that provides the best, most personal attention to every detail regarding my website.

You guys were the best part of the Inc. 500/5000 Conference!

Heading into our 3rd year together, we need to thank you for everything you’ve done in the first two. Looking forward to continued success.

You hit another homerun. The leads are pouring in!

What a great job you did!

Over the past year Independent Records has been working directly with re:think to provide our independent artists with graphic/web design and web hosting services. We couldn’t be happier with the level of service re:think has provided. Not only have they provided excellent service to our clients, but re:think also took over the task of redesigning our entire website. They worked on every aspect of our site…from the look and feel to content and data management to online order processing. It was an enormous task and re:think handled it with flying colors and at a very competitive price. The biggest compliment I have is how patient they were in working with us when our ideas changed along the way. I realized how unprepared we were to take on such a huge task of redesigning our site and re:think helped us fill in all the missing gaps in our redesign plan. I would recommend re:think to anyone looking for design and hosting services. We use them for our site design. We use them for our site maintenance. We use them for our web hosting. What more of a compliment could that be?

I just googled Chicago Talent Agencies and Gray Talent was listed first!!!! Thanks so much for all you do.

Special Thanks from your # 1 fan, it will be 6 years of partnering with you in June.

I’ve actually had a couple patients say that they found me on the web.. and Marvel just spoke to someone today who found me on the web. So great job getting me out there. I sincerely appreciate all your help with building my practice!!

Wonderful work! We love the websites and we love the books!

I have another project for your team and I am so excited to see what you do with it! My practice is growing, keep it up.

We have had half a dozen different companies working for us and we were very skeptical at the beginning but we were pleasantly surprised to learn that they deliver. In the end we can honestly say we paid less than we should have for more than we bargained for.

We love you all! (But mostly Brianna)

I’d like to say what a great experience this has been with rethink creating our site. The design is great, fresh & modern. Brianna is great to work with and nothing seemed to be an issue. She made our changes quickly and extremely professionally.

I’m all settled at my new company and you guys were my first call, we need your help if we’re going to get our share and compete.

Thank you for making us relevant online. We are finally being seen as the experts we are, it was so hard to watch newcomers in our industry showing up all over the internet and now our story is out there and being shared.

Just gave you guys another referral!

Re:think has helped streamline our business practices and allowed us to handle very sensitive information safely and effectively.

Shout out to everybody, especially Steve, I love my website!

Trusting your website design to someone is a BIG deal. Think about it: your prospects make a snap judgement of you and your entire brand within seconds of landing on your site. In other words, you can’t screw this up. Enter re:think, and now you have nothing to worry about. Hiring re:think to design my site, was the best decision I could have made. They get it, at a deeper level than you or I do. From visual elements to functionality, best web designer ever.

Our family business is 50 years old and we have you to thank if we go 50 more!

My favorite thing about you guys has always been the personal attention and professionalism I receive EVERYTIME I ‘call.’ Even the tiniest detail gets treated with the utmost importance. I greatly appreciate the friendly, down-to-earth way of doing business! THANKS!!!

Your development team jumped in and took over for a vendor that we had nothing but problems with and helped us to meet our deadline for delivering our latest version of our software to our clients.

Read the testimonial page and say amen to every one of them. I honestly could not find one thing to complain about with re:think, even if I tried. We are proud you are on our team. Some of the most powerful media factors on earth have been reviewing our web page, and we have received nothing but praise. In January CNN ran our story, now The Today Show is doing our story, recently filming on our farm and in concert to air on May 31, 2004 on NBC. You have helped us tailor our site to remain consistent with our image and lifestyle. We stand amazed at your quick response to our continually developing needs. We continue to receive compliments from venues and festivals and media around the country about our site. Please accept our heartfelt appreciation and thanks!

Read the testimonial page and say amen to every one of them. I honestly could not find one thing to complain about with re:think, even if I tried. We are proud you are on our team. Some of the most powerful media factors on earth have been reviewing our web page, and we have received nothing but praise. In January CNN ran our story, now The Today Show is doing our story, recently filming on our farm and in concert to air on May 31, 2004 on NBC. You have helped us tailor our site to remain consistent with our image and lifestyle. We stand amazed at your quick response to our continually developing needs. We continue to receive compliments from venues and festivals and media around the country about our site. Please accept our heartfelt appreciation and thanks!

It was our absolute pleasure to recommend you guys!

You all have been super! What a wonderful blessing you’ve been getting my site together. Thanks for GREAT customer service!

Absolutely awesome work!

Gelato’ is the most competitive term we are going for, so it’s nice to be able to see the change since we’ve started with you. I have noticed that almost 75% of our traffic is coming directly from search engines, which is a huge jump from where we started! Thanks again to you and Tom for your work.

Simona asked me to reach out and just let you know how happy we are with your services. We have been increasing our distribution and our overall number of franchisee’s has more than tripled. We have a great digital footprint and continue to get positive feedback online.

Thank you so much for the amazing work re:think has done in helping CBHCare redesign our website. Your compassionate and professional advice is truly appreciated. When we first met you said, “Well, the first step is admitting you have a problem.” Your humor has been a life saver during what could have been a difficult process; however, it has been enjoyable, educational and fun. You helped CBHCare identify our target market, develop solutions to meet our internet marketing needs and have provided honest and positive encouragement when needed. You have done everything on time (or before!), with a smile and on budget. This is no small undertaking when working with a non-profit Community Mental Health Center with a tight budget and limited technological means. Re:think has met, and exceeded, my very high expectations. Thanks so much – and keep up the good work!

Thank you very much for your flexibility! The content marketing is really working!

In just 7 months my sales have been incredible, to the point where AC Delco wants to buy the website from me.

I just wanted to let you all know that I love the new website. It beautiful and everything you said it would be! A special thanks to Brianna for putting up with my lack of technical knowledge. It is a pleasure to work with you.

Thanks for being such a great company, Loyal, trustworthy & most of all still there for us…you guys are awesome!!!

Conversions, conversions and more conversions, you guys really came through for us and you are one of the biggest reasons that our sales have gone through the roof and were an integral part of positioning my company to be sold. I have given several referrals to Tom and will continue to do so.

Another gorgeous website!

You are life savers! All of your hard work has really paid off, the hospital is thrilled with the new look and feel and patient interaction has been amazing.

If you can just add the new widgets, I can honestly say our website is perfect! Your marketing efforts have really paid off!

Thank you to everyone at re:think. You gave me so much more than we agreed upon and I am delighted.

Re:think is truly a one-stop for all of our web needs. Fast ‘personal’ turn-around on designs, additions, changes are so very quick it’s just truly amazing. They take our ideas and needs and voila…an up-to-date, consumer-friendly and show stopping website. Thank you re:think for being a part of our growth!

You have lived up to your reputation from the chamber, thank you for helping us to launch and for your service above and beyond what we could have hoped for.

Hello re:think.. A few weeks ago we weren’t even in the top 500, so we’ve made good progress and we are pumped! As for the other site, The overall quality of traffic to the site has been fantastic!. Keep it up!

Leah told me how great you guys were to work with so i can’t wait to find out for myself.

I just referred you to my sister, she has a small business that desperately needs everything you did for me. Thank you for helping me to succeed.

re:think is the type of company that everyone wants to work with, very pleasant, skillful, and incredibly nice to deal with. They were not only open to our ideas, but also took it one step further and made suggestions to help us build what we think is the “perfect” website for our needs. We really felt that Re:Think was on our team the whole time…Thanks Guys!

Each day it looks better and better. Thank you. The image is so important to us. Love the logo and the new site.

I am thrilled to announce that I got our first lead for a prospect from our website in my 28 year history (not kidding!). Seems like your marketing efforts may be starting to pay off already!!

You guys are the bees knees!!!!

Those negative comments had been haunting us for a long time, your team was the first to be effective at managing our reputation.

I want to thank you as well for taking the time and putting the amount of thought you did into the presentation to our board. It was great to hear how you have grown with us and the problems you experienced along the way.

You guys are amazing and we want to partner with you forever.

I realize how challenging the creation of a site with 2 distinct identities must have been and you and your company rose to the challenge flawlessly. We have received countless compliments on the site and I am certain it is contributing nicely to our overall marketing program.

Your the man!!!!

I LOVE IT!! You have always been a big part of putting our best foot forward. Thanks for the job well done!

By the way, one customer called me instead of the other guys specifically because she liked the web site better than theirs – and I think they were the big boys! Congratulations!

re:think, what more can a satisfied client say! They have provided me with a State of the Art ‘user-friendly’ web site, that gets me countless rave reviews. Their staff provides excellent technical support, in a very timely and professional fashion, as well as advice on improving your on-line marketing processes, in addition to a host of other critical business needs. From my end, as a re:think client, they get 10 out of a possible 5 stars!!!!

As a comic actor making a huge bulk of my living doing voiceovers and on-camera commercials, I needed a site that would not only carry examples of my work but be entertaining as well. re:think listened to me and came up with very funny, entertaining ideas that draw producers into my site and the one reaction I get all the time is, ‘I went to your site and it was hard to leave!’

Re:think is the only choice in web design if you want it done right. No other web design company can beat the quality, cost and efficiency of re:think.”

We’ve had a wonderful experience working with you. We are extremely pleased with the site, and cannot wait to share it with family and clients. We look forward to working with your company in the future.”

The last 6 years have been great! Here’s to the next 6.

We can be a pretty tough customer, i think we spent 3 weeks alone just reviewing the contract before we ever got started. The best thing that can be said about a partner is that they do everything they say they will do, in this case you delivered more.

re:think did a wonderful job handling all of the digital marketing for our Young Child Expo both in New York and Seattle. I would highly recommend them to anyone that wants immediate results. Thanks to them our events were completely sold out!

Thank you so much for bringing my ideas to life and allowing me to live my dream of turning my love of gaming into a real business.

On behalf of myself and the Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce, I would like to thank you again for stepping up to the plate and making an extraordinary presentation on Search Engine Optimization for our Professional Development Seminar Series. We received positive feedback on every single evaluation form that was turned in to us. Thank you for saving the day!!

I have to thank the folks at re:think for putting up with all of my garbage and never taking it personally and never giving me less than their best, and their best is very impressive and has helped me to sell more products online than any of the 1100 distributors in my network.

Re:think is a remarkable website design company. They have not only met our expectations, but they have in fact surpassed them. We could have not asked for a better company to do business with. Thank you re:think for being a top notch web design company and giving us one less daily thing to worry about within our company. We are glad to be on board with you and look forward to being so for years to come.

Many thanks for your professionalism and responsiveness.

It was truly a pleasure having you join us for the day yesterday. It was great to meet you, hear your stories, and learn more about the Prepara experience from a totally different perspective. We hope that you took away just as much as we did from your visit to Rackspace. Thanks for an amazing presentation to the Board and all of the excellent feedback you provided!

Everything is WONDERFUL! Super easy to navigate, you have been amazing this entire process! I always recommend you to people for their websites, you are always WONDERFUL and helpful throughout the entire process!!! The site looks great!

It was great how much time and energy you spent to have some idea of the problem before you proposed a solution and your solution was spot on!

Thank you so much for helping us to take our business to the next level.

Lots of new customers coming in from all around us and saying they found us on the web!

It was great working with you. We are very excited to start over with our new website. I wanted to thank you for making the process pain free and rewarding and we’re already seeing fruit from your internet marketing efforts with calls coming in from 3 different counties. Thanks again for your help.

re:think is an essential part of our online day to day business. With two web sites to manage, re:think Designs makes it look simple. I am very pleased with the two sites the company designed and developed for us. In addition, the response time for updates and changes to either site is extremely quick; which you typically do not see with other web companies. I have referred several friends and businesses to re:think and will continue to do so. One of the best companies I have ever worked with in my twenty plus year career. Thank you so much for always being there for us!

You made me look like a superstar for bringing your team onboard, thank you for all of your hard work and for meeting our deadline even though we were late with our homework.

You were a pleasure to work with and the website is lovely and we’re getting nothing but compliments on the new look. Now it’s time to let you work your magic with the marketing!

I’m very excited and can’t wait to launch my new beautiful website next month! Thank you! Fantastic! We should have a discussion as there is content that I’m going to have to re-write and I’m getting a video done that will go on the home page. I have NO IDEA about how to develop websites so I thought I’d mention this.

From the copy to the design, it was perfect!

I was referred to re:think from another re:think client and in just 5 months they have been able to increase my leads and conversions by almost 200% and have become a rock solid part of my business plan moving forward.

Giant Thanks to the whole re:think team for a job well done!

When we wanted to redesign our website, we knew that coming back to Re:Think was the way to go. I sent them a list of ideas for the new site and they came back with a great design. I always got a quick response from the staff and they were able to answer any question I had. We now have a website that is unlike similar companies in function and is still super user friendly. And it looks great! All of our clients love it too!