Reflowable ebooks

Reflowable ebooks

Starting at $550

eBook Formatting

At rethink, we go beyond simple file conversion and hand-code your eBook files from scratch, keeping in mind the quirks of each device, to ensure your eBook will display well.

We’ll provide two validated files: Kindle (.mobi) and ePub, which you can upload to the eBook seller of your choice

Prices start at $550 US if rethink has designed your print book. If not, please use the contact form to send us your file for review and a custom quote.

Sell your eBook directly from your website

Tiktakti makes it easy to sell eBooks from your website and is now available through rethink!
Tiktakti is a flipbook that lets potential customers read the first ten pages of your book right from your website. To keep reading, customers are given the option to purchase the book via PayPal and receive a password that unlocks the remainder of the book. Tiktakti works on any device and guards against piracy, since your book cannot be downloaded. There is no need to install a complicated eCommerce platform and you keep 100% of your revenue from eBooks sold via Tiktakti.
To see books with the purchase function installed, please see the following samples (not all are rethink clients):

About this service

If you are looking to convert your print book into a stylish ebook compatible with all the major devices, then this service is for you. Just send us your book files and we return an epub and mobi file. Below you’ll find:

  •  details of what we actually do
  •  some reflowable ebook examples
  •  what’s included in our service
  •  the next steps

The creation of an ebook is an important part of any book project. But if you haven’t already got them, you’ll probably want to start with a print book INTERIOR and COVER. You may then want to convert your print book into an EBOOK. And if you haven’t chosen a printer, you may find one of our PRINTING solutions to be easy, flexible and very affordable. So take a good look around … and if there’s anything else you want to know, just ask!!

How we convert your ebook


We convert your PDF to epub and add as much helpful metadata as possible including ISBN, author name, book title, publisher and publication date.


Reformat print cover as elastic ebook image and jpg for distribution.


Tag every block of text, heading, list, quote, box, image and table in the document with the correct paragraph style.


Design each paragraph style to mimic the print-book as much as possible. Source and apply royalty-free fonts as similar as possible to the print-book.


Size and place every image to make optimum use of the space available.


Capture and insert each table from the print-book as an image to ensure total compatibility across all devices.


Create navigation native to each device that is based on the table of contents in your printed book.


Include all cross-references from the print book as clickable hyperlinks.


Convert existing endnotes in the print-book to bi-directional endnotes.


Transform printed index with page numbers into ebook index linking each term to its position in the text.


Ensure epub complies with the most recent versions of ePubCheck and ePubPreFlight. Convert to create compliant mobi file.

You're in good company!