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re:think President
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Ramsey, NJ (June 27, 2010)

The company also bags 14 other awards at the Annual Jersey Awards Ceremony.

re:think, an Internet marketing and website design provider, won first place for “Best Website Advertisement” at the New Jersey Advertising Club’s Annual Jersey Awards, held June 2, 2010, at the Chart House restaurant in Weehawken, New Jersey. They also deal in content creation and SEO/Inbound marketing services.

The company won first place in the Consumers category for a series of banner advertisements they did for a Florida real estate company. In addition, the Internet services company took home 13 other awards. Thomas McVey, CEO of re:think, said that, even though they have received many awards in the past, they were amazed to receive as many as 14 awards in a single evening. He jokingly said, “Warning! Using re:think may cause immediate results.”

Around 300 people attended the award ceremony. Many distinguished awards were distributed throughout the evening to a variety of organizations, including web designers, advertising agencies, public relations firms and nonprofit groups.


About re:think

re:think (formerly Sound-n-Vision) has been fighting crime for over 15 years and before we became great at all things online we spent almost 9 years being very mediocre at it. In fact it wasn’t until we had one of our worst years ever that we took stock of our company and decided to rethink our online strategy as well as all of our processes for delivering results and communicating those results to our clients.

That’s when things got interesting. The fact that we started over with a singular focus of helping our clients give their website visitors a valuable experience in terms of making sure that their sites are helpful and easy to use and find what they’re looking for and in doing so, establishing trust and credibility that is valuable enough to have them feel good about engaging with them and buying their products and services.

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