manuscript evaluation

“We leave everyone and everything

better than we found them.”

-Thomas McVey

Your manuscript is your baby and we’re the nursery school with the sign over the entrance that says “If something stinks, change it.”  With that being said, we promise to treat your baby with loving care and respect.


We have a standard nondisclosure agreement that you can download for us both to sign but even without it, you have our pinky swear promise that we will keep your ideas safe.


You’ve probably gone over your book with a fine tooth comb and looked at it again and again, maybe you’ve received some free advice that was worth exactly what you paid. Now it’s time for a professional manuscript appraisal. We will read through your manuscript and then get back to you with a full report that details our views on what does and doesn’t work and why. It will include our best advice, tools and support for whipping your book into shape to publish and print.

You're in good company!