development editing

“Editing is the fine art of picking the

fly shit out of the pepper.”

-Scribe Tribe

What is involved in our developmental editing process?


We are primarily concerned with the structure and content of your book. If your manuscript lacks focus or continuity or has an inconsistent tone or is potentially at risk of losing your audiences attention we will highlight our recommendations for making edits and allow you to decide ultimately what gets omitted.


We will go through your already edited manuscript and make recommendations for text to omit from the manuscript.

Our goal is to help you to make the best book possible. We ask you to be open-minded and consider the feedback but ultimately you get to decide which changes you’d like to incorporate.


Allow us to be your DE (developmental editor), we will discuss and agree on the direction your book should take and determine the best order and organization for the chapters, highlight places where the text may have digressed too far from the topic or your intention for the reader and point out areas where more explanation is needed. It may be necessary for the chapter titles, headings and subheads in the book to be rejuvenated, reworked or eliminated.  Artwork, sidebars, quotes and other special elements may be suggested and would require additional design and implementation from your design team to be properly placed throughout your manuscript.


Our focus is on the flow of the story and not on focusing on grammar, word choice and punctuation and is in no way to be confused with writing or a creative re-write of your manuscript.

You're in good company!