Our pick for Top 10 CRMs for 2019


With its cloud-based, customer relationship management platform, HubSpot helps companies of all sizes track and nurture leads and analyze business metrics. HubSpot is suitable for any B2B or B2C business in a variety of segments, including accounting, construction, retail, real estate and more it offers a visual dashboard with a real-time view of the entire sales funnel. Users can track customer interactions automatically through email, social media or phone calls and every interaction is stored in a timeline organized by lead and enables users to create and manage email templates and track how well those emails are performing. The solution can also send real-time notifications for events such as when a contact opens an email or downloads an attachment.


This is my instinctive pick based on what we’re looking for now. It’s interface is easy to operate through, it’s price point is low comparatively, and it offers a ton of stuff. It advertises itself as both a CRM and Project Management software, though the PM seems to be a lesser portion of the business (seems to just allow you to upload your own projections from Office). It’s fully integrated with Google, the Microsoft Office suite, as well as several social media
applications. It’s integrated with email marketing service MailChimp, which connects with Google Analytics for super cooper custom email marketing campaigns. It costs $29/mo for six users, 6 GB of storage and 25,000 contacts. The only downside – it doesn’t have a lead generation side, though it does separate opportunities from clients.


Marc you spoke of this one several times, and I see why. It gets a lot of good press. It’s deemed the low-cost Salesforce and it networks well to connect with other services, yet the reason I put this second is that I found a lot of reviews deeming it a sort of jack of all trades, master of none type. This will give us a lot of capabilities, yet if we want to go with a company focused on who the customer is, Insightly seems more tailored there. However this offers a fifteen day free trial if we wanted to give her a shot! It also integrates with Google Apps, Outlook, etc. The highlight here from our discussions though, Zoho has a specialized lead generation tool. This starts at $12.user/month for a limited account, $20/mo to remove email limit


This is the CRM associated with Basecamp, as well as a slew of other applications. yet does not have Google sync-up abilities, which is why she’s in last. It does feature Dropbox to make up for this though, sending emails from the CRM with a unique email per user. It’s also cheaper, $24/month for up to six users. It’s integration with Basecamp would be the main benefit.

Wise Agent (Perhaps the best overall for real estate agents) easy t use with basic real estate marketing tools.


Real estate agents who want enhanced customization and sales reporting at an affordable cost


Realty companies that want a visual CRM to streamline leads through their workflow quickly


Real estate agencies seeking a CRM with seamless workflow without complicated modules


Large realty agencies looking for an all-in-one CRM with enhanced marketing and reporting

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