amazon best seller launches

Every Book is different and so is every Launch!

  • We will Place your book in the most beneficial categories on Amazon.
  • We will Optimize your book page and profile on Amazon to improve your rankings prior to promotion
  • We will Create a book summary, bio, endorsements which will remain active indefinitely for ongoing evergreen promotion of your book.

We will implement an effective social media program across multiple platforms and help with writing blogs and tweets.

We will develop content (images) info-graphics for social media and email marketing. We will create well written press releases and a flyer for emailing on launch day.


We will create an author media kit.

Publisher Mailings:

 We will conduct an E-blitz to contacts, including multiple tweets per day to 200,000+ followers for 6 days; 12 posts per day on Google+; random posts to 3 Facebook pages and main account (4500 total) as well as Linkedin and placement of book in newsletters to interested readers.

We arrange Book Signings.

We will create a professional Book Trailer.

We will submit your book to review sites and book clubs to gain downloads and reviews.

We will create a book funnel for evergreen use.

We will send to reciprocal book sites and clubs.

Publicity tours.

Celebrity Endorsements arranged.

We will arrange Podcast interviews, Radio spots and Network Affiliate Television appearances.


We will discuss your goals for the initial launch and your overall goals for the outcomes you want and create a custom launch just for you.

You're in good company!