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You shouldn’t have to wait three to six months to start seeing results from your online marketing efforts.
 But that’s what you get with traditional SEO. Well, we have a better strategy. In fact, we think it’s the best strategy
 you are going to find if you came here hoping to grow your business online. It works really well for a lot of people.
 So, why don’t we see if it works really well for you too?

Internet Marketing NJ | New Jersey Digital Marketing Strategy

If you want to succeed online you are going to need a much more comprehensive solution than simply increasing traffic or giving your website a facelift. And that’s where we come in. Our 3-Point internet marketing strategy looks at your entire business. And because we’re not just focused on driving traffic organically, you will begin to see a return on your investment within the first few days instead of the first few months.

Phase 1: Conversion Optimization

Unless your site just went live, you are already getting traffic. So, why drive more traffic to your website when you’re not serving the visitors you already have? We put your site through a fifty point checklist developed by some of the best conversion experts in the world. After pointing out the weaknesses and where you are losing visitors, we begin making changes. They seem subtle, but they are often just enough to double, triple or even quadruple your conversion rate.

  Website Design and Development

Phase 2: Sales Automation

The vast majority of your traffic is slipping through the cracks. Sometimes it’s because they’re not interested in buying from you. But more often than that it’s because you haven’t really asked. Or perhaps they’re just not ready right now. These are the visitors that we want to catch because they are potential clients. By creating an automated sales process that includes a value add drip campaign and retargeting strategy, we have created a safety net to catch all of those visitors that have gotten away.

Phase 3: Drive Traffic

Now that you are clear about who you are attracting, you have altered the site in such a way so it speaks to them and created an automated sales process that works it’s time to drive more traffic to the site. You see, what you have now works. The more traffic you drive to the site, the more visitors enter your funnel and become solid prospects. The more solid prospects, the more your business continues to grow. Not only does this affect your organic traffic, but it also improves your social media traffic, Adwords traffic, referral traffic, direct traffic and pretty much anywhere else a visitor is coming from.

Would you like to know why your website isn’t converting as well as it should?

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